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Andy Sharma
AVA Business Coaching London

West London, UB3 3BB
United Kingdom
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“I am very grateful for the opportunity of working with Andy. A big part of business coaching is unravelling one’s mind to set actions that will develop a clear path toward your business and personal goals. Andy made me realise that one cannot do that alone. His ability to keep our sessions relevant, enjoyable, and knowing when not to speak or say too much, is a rare gift. Thank you. I would absolutely recommend him…”

Nizam Dollie– Director, SFI Logistics 


“Andy is an outstanding coach with vast experience in strategy and planning. Andy’s coaching style is clear and friendly at the same time strongly result oriented. Andy showed a flexible adaptability to our multicultural environment and excellent communication skills with our teams.” 

Lucas Pedretti– Founder & CEO, Qymatix


“I started with Andy at a 90 day planning event, which was really informative and useful session. I found Andy to be very humble and knowledgeable. I have learnt a lot from him. Within first few weeks of starting coaching, Andy analysed the finances and made us realise that our invoicing system was not working as it should. With his advice, we not only changed and improved our invoicing system, but also improved our cash collection. Our cash flow was on track within few months and my business really stepped up. He worked not only with me but my team too. As a coach, Andy is like a business partner, sounding board for ideas and supportive with his questioning and advice. He cares about you as a person and is focussed on what is best for the business. After meeting his other clients at social events, I have realised that all his clients are his fans. If you ever want to grow your business, I would recommend getting Andy on-board as he makes you think about every aspect of your business deeply.”                          

Johan Kriek – Crewtiler Ltd


“Andy is an incredible communicator with gift to recognise what people need. He then drills down to find the best solution to help people and their businesses to blossom. I would recommend Andy’s services to whoever is little lost in the world of business and needs a guide or mentor.”

Tom Mnahoncak – MD –  Mahonyt Ltd


“I worked with Andy recently as part of a bigger training project that he was responsible for. I was very impressed by his ability to relate to a wide range of personalities and levels within the organisation and his easy-going style which belies his insightful and comprehensive knowledge of how business works.”                                                     

Hannah Jackson – MD – Yellow Tree wellbeing 


“I had the pleasure of working with Andy on a recent project. Andy’s ability to absorb a lot of information and quickly distil it into some clear action points made it possible to move through the stages of the project quickly and efficiently. He is professional, knowledgeable and despite his busy schedule he went out of his way to offer project support and advice when it was necessary. It was great for me to know that I could rely on him to do that. Andy will be a joy and an asset to have on any team.”

Lize Theron – MD – Graphic Designer Ltd


“We have rarely felt the need to appoint a business coach, and questioned the value of having in the past as we have luckily had access to many different professional experts in the past. However, with Andy Sharma, we sensed that it was time to revisit our perceptions and take the plunge with someone not so close to the business already. We have been pleasantly surprised at the insightful questions, some of which feel awkward to answer, but that tends to be because we have buried our head in the sand in the subject in question. Thank you Andy for gently but persuasively guiding us and taking us upwards.”           

Shaylesh Patel – MD – Astop Ltd


“Andy helped us with business strategies, planning and understanding of finances.  A small 10% increase in lead generation could mean doubling our bottom line profits. We are currently working on our business plan to double our business in matter for 2 – 3 years. Andy is very approachable, very good to work with and his way to teaching makes you feel very comfortable. Andy has a lot of skills and knowledge. What I really appreciate about Andy as a business coach is that he comes down to your level of understanding and not only give you the most suitable information but action points and strategies on how to implement them. I would definitely recommend Andy as a business coach for your business. I have always looked forward to our business coaching sessions with Andy.”

Mufaddal & Farida Zakir – MD – Hobby and Crafts Ltd


“Andy is a great business coach. He has vast experience in a variety of different industries, and is able to quickly pinpoint what you need to work on in your business. My experience with Andy, has highlighted where I was going wrong, and what I can do fix it right away. If you need a business coach, and could do with honest, rapid, and effective guidance, Andy is who you should speak to. Thanks for your help Andy!”

Aiden Lee – MD – Body & Mind Transformation


“I felt that I needed a business coach to now grow my business and take it to the next level. Andy makes you focus on the things that count for your business. I am implementing strategies learnt from Andy resulting me recruiting in new staff member to help so I can focus on growing the Business. My current business plan is to double my revenue within one year. Working with Andy has been a bliss as he shares a lot of true stories of his client to help you understand your business better and make you realise you are not the only one.  He is very straight to the point, no time wasting when he is coaching. He is very keen to help you grow your business. I would highly recommend Andy in fact I have already recommended him as a business coach to all my clients.”       

Lydia Gathogo – MD –  Logic Accountancy Solutions Ltd


“Andy possesses strong basic fundamentals and has in-depth knowledge of systems, processes and procedures. His decision making ability is excellent and his ability to develop a diverse team is very good … He is knowledgeable and comes out a winner in difficult circumstances. Andy lays a lot of emphasis on Training and developing people. He would be as asset to any team and would prove to be an integral part of any organisation in a short span of time.”

Nikhil Joshi Clarks Group


“Seminar forces you to think and focus on your own business” – 

Paul Michaelides, Warner Accountants and Business Advisors


“The session helped configure some ideas about development and also gave framework to look at areas often neglected” – 

Sonal, Deekay Management, Property Management


“Today’s workshop was extremely helpful in bringing clarity in terms of how to build and improve a healthy business by strengthening all the different areas” 

Camilla, Chatterbox Voices, Studio and Voiceover services

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